Let’s get a bit deeper into the SNR topic.
The RSSI is the signal we want, like to listen to somebodys voice.
The Noice Floor is the Interference we don’t want, like your crazy neighbor who is listen to music at maximum volume.
To calculate the SNR we need to subtract the Interference from the RSSI.

A RSSI of „0“ would be the greatest thing ever and I’am trying for years to get this working, but with no success :D. Joke aside, a RSSI of „0“ is impossible. Let’s take the following as a guideline:
RSSI -20 = great
RSSI -50 = okay
RSSI -70 = baaaaad

This is our case:
RSSI -70 and noise is -95.
The calculation is going this way -> -70 – -95 -> -70 + 95 -> SNR 25
A SNR of 20+ is what we need :).

Thats it.

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