WIFUND – 13 – Deploying a WLAN

The vWLC is up and running and it’s time to set up the first WLAN.
There is a simple list I follow and like everywhere is good preparation a way.
I go more in detail later….:

  1. What VLAN your WLAN should bridge to? VLAN = 33
  2. Get the subnet and a free IP out of this subnet for the virtual interface?
  3. Is a DHCP usable for this subnet? Yes,
  4. Is the air space free to transmit in the 2,4GHz or 5GHz band (site survey) = No, we use 5GHz band
  5. Get a minimum of 1 AP up and running
  6. Create a virtual interface on the WLC
  7. Create a virtual interface with IP, a 802.1q tag of 33 and a DHCP with the IP
  8. Create a WLAN with a name of our choice and refer/link it to the VI

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